SEAM TENS Electrode Tester

As TENS electrodes do not have an approved standard for performance limits, it falls on the manufacturer to define their own criteria.

Based on AAMI NS4:1986/(R)2009, the SEAM TENS Electrode Tester gives users the flexibility to test to their own internal standard.

Measure Electrode Impedance with Ease

When the SEAM TENS Electrode Tester is connected to a PC, a user can specify the current, frequency, pulse width, duration and PASS/FAIL criteria for three different test programs. Once programmed, the tester can be disconnected from the PC and powered by a 5 VDC wall adapter.

To run a test, the user simply connects their sample and selects from the three test programs. The results are shown on the LCD display when the test has been completed.

Features of the SEAM TENS Electrode Tester

  • Test Configuration
  • Sample Interface
  • Safety
  • Portable
The SEAM TENS Electrode Tester software can be installed on any PC (Windows 7 and up). From the application, the user can easily program the hardware with three different test profiles.
The sample can be tested using two configurations: gel-to-plate (left) and gel-to-gel (right). Both configurations make use of 0.080" pins.

(The gel-to-gel impedance will be approximately twice that of the gel-to-plate impedance.)
The lid of the tester has been fitted with an interlock to protect the operator. A test is terminated if the lid is opened at any point in time.
Once programmed, the tester can be powered by a 5 VDC wall adapter. An operator can run any one of the three user-defined test sequences. When the test has finished, the impedance and the PASS/FAIL result is clearly displayed on the screen.

Setup and operating procedures for the SEAM TENS Electrode Tester can be found here.

We rely on QC Integrated Solutions and their SEAM ECG Electrode Platform systems to provide us with the electrical data that is required to meet our customer's stringent electrical requirements.

—Select Engineering Inc.