SEAM ECG Electrode Test Platform

Compliance testing to
ANSI/AAMI EC12:2000/(R)2020
made simple.

The Problem

Typically, an engineer would be required to design custom circuitry to perform the electrical tests defined by ANSI/AAMI EC12:2000/(R)2020. That same engineer would then take 15 minutes to test a single pair of electrodes. These systems rely upon lab bench power supplies, multimeters and oscilliscopes. If any one of these elements fails or has to be sent out for calibration then production must stop.

The Solution

With the SEAM ECG Electrode Test Platform, testing to the EC12 standard is simple.  A QA technician simply connects the electrodes, starts the test sequence, and walks away, freeing them up for other quality assurance tasks.

The robust and reliable SEAM system will perform any or all the EC12 required tests on up to 32 pairs of electrodes at the same time. Once all tests have been completed, a full report will be generated with all test results.

Features of the SEAM ECG Test Platform

  • Modular Design
  • Easy Scale Up
  • Intuative Interface
  • Reliability
Each channel includes circuitry to perform all the electrical properties tests defined in EC12. Because this design makes each channel independent of one another, a SEAM tester is extremely robust to failures. If a failure is encountered, an operator can efficiently determine the root cause through swapping channels and samples. In the event that a channel has to be taken out of service, the remaining channels will continue to operate as normal.
Small research facilities find our 4-channel SEAM tester a cost-effective solution when they begin their development process. As companies move into production or increased test capacity is required, their original investment is not wasted as the existing components can be moved to a larger bus and additional testing channels can be added to expand testing capacity.
The SEAM ECG Channels support the standard 0.063" and 0.080" leadwire sockets sizes. Each channel sold includes a pair of either snap or alligator clip leadwires (customer's choice). We can also design and build custom adapters to support any sample interface.

The SEAM hardware is driven by an easy-to-use application which can be installed on any PC (Windows 7 and up). This interface gives users the flexibility to design any test sequence in the laboratory. The software also allows test sequences to be standardized to ensure consistency during production.
The SEAM ECG Test Platform was designed for the most demanding of production environments and is backed by a one-year warranty. The QC Integrated Hardware Service Plan extends this warranty and allows the customer to fully engage with the SEAM Advantage. Continue scrolling to learn more...

Setup and operating procedures for the SEAM ECG Electrode Test Platform can be found here.

QC Integrated Hardware Service Plan

We feel the best way to enhance the reliability of a system is to ask the users what they would do if that system was no longer available, even for a short time.

Feedback From Our Customers

During conversations with our customers, they expressed concerns regarding the financial impact of reduced manufacturing volume, increased staffing needs and the increased technical expertise required if our systems were not available.

We don’t take lightly the trust our customer’s place in our SEAM testers. This has lead us to create the QC Integrated Hardware Service Plan.

Advantages of the QC Integrated Hardware Service Plan

  • Entended Warranty
  • Unlimited Onsite Calibrations
  • Free Bus Scale-up
The service plan goes beyond the included one-year warranty to help you save time and reduce long-term operational costs. Any failing module can be sent back to us for an immediate free replacement. QC Integrated will hold replacement modules in stock for fast turnaround times on any non-functioning service plan module returned.
The SEAM-ACP eliminates the downtime and shipping costs typically associated with system calibration. When enrolled in the service plan, unlimited NIST-traceable calibrations can be performed onsite. This gives the user a valuable troubleshooting tool and allows them to verify their systems before and after test campaigns.
As a part of the service plan, we will provide free exchanges of any SEAM Bus for another size giving you room to add additional channels. This allows for the cost-effective growth of the SEAM ECG Test Platform to meet your operational needs.

Setup and operating procedures for the SEAM-ACP Calibrator can be found here.

We rely on QC Integrated Solutions and their SEAM ECG Electrode Platform systems to provide us with the electrical data that is required to meet our customer's stringent electrical requirements.

—Select Engineering Inc.